I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become. (Carl Jung)


Have you ever been on the receiving end of an exquisitely undivided attention? Someone listening to you with every cell of their being?

Imagine feeling comfortable revealing parts of you that you rather keep hidden. With someone who is not judging you, or trying to correct you or fix you or advise you. But someone who is deeply at peace and ease with all your revelations, who gets it all and knows that whatever you brought to them is ready to receive a well overdue – and well earned – unconditional acceptance and compassion. Even Love, eventually. And that you – yes, you – are ready to give it all that simple because you received it from someone else, your witness.


This stage of shadow work (stage 9) comes after you have already done extensive work on integrating your personal shadow. It is a stage of you being ready to “come out” and reveal your shadow to someone else. But you want to be discerning and selective about who you choose. This needs to be someone who you trust will receive you well – just the way you need to be received – and not scare that part of you away back in to the shadows again, and undo all the good shadow work you’ve done.

I found that being vulnerable with a stranger i.e. someone you don’t have close ties with, someone who is not invested in you or in having a relationship with you, is far easier than with someone close to us with whom we have a history (good or bad, it doesn’t matter so much).

The gift of my Witnessing service – particularly if you do it 1 to 1 (via zoom) – is that your confidence in “wearing your shadow on your sleeves” grows significantly.

If you feel you are the stage 9 of your shadow work and feel called to choose me as your witness, I offer two types of Witnessing service:

One is witnessing via email – less challenging but still very effective (see testimonials below); and the other more challenging but that much more potent is in person (virtually, via zoom).

Below are the prices for standalone one-off sessions, but if you’d like to work with me on an ongoing basis I offer discounted rates for bulk-buying (e.g. 3 sessions to be used within 3 months of making a payment). Email me if this is your preference.

I also offer bespoke shadow work mentorship which can include all of my services – you can read more about it here or just email me to enquire


30-40 mins = £100 (British Pounds)


At this stage of your shadow work (stage 9) your shadow seems well integrated but you need to test the quality of your work in the presence of another. It’s not enough to do the work if you’re not prepared for others to see it. The first test – Witnessing – is deeply validating and supportive experience, even when it feels scary to begin with. It is how you build confidence in your shadow integration skills.

You basically bring your shadow, your own darker materials to the session to be witnessed in full acceptance and honour of it and of you for the courage you are showing by doing this work.

My role as a witness means that I offer you no feedback no advice, no comment. I only speak at the start, to open, and at the end , to close the session.

A side but an important point: as this is done on zoom there will be a perceptual discrepancy. I can either be looking at you on screen in which case your experience will be of me not looking at you but away from you. Or I can look at the camera in which case you will experience me looking at you while in reality I won’t be looking at you at all. Although the witnessing is more complete if I see you fully as well as listen to you, it is really the listening that is the most potent part of Witnessing. But ultimately it will be up to you to tell me where you’d like me to look during the session.

If you’d like to be witnessed in person please PayPal me the fee using the email herdarkermaterials at gmail dot com and I’ll be in touch to arrange the time.

And also, if you want to skip Astrology and go straight to Witnessing BUT would like to test run it first, start with purchasing Witnessing email service. That will ease you into the feeling of being seen.


500 words max = £44 (British Pounds)


  1. PayPal me my fee
  2. In the PayPal message box give me the SUBJECT of the email you will send me to witness. Make the subject unrelated to your email content and as unique as possible e.g. Yellow birds fly low. So that I can identify it quickly and easily and respond to you, who paid for the witnessing. 
  3. Send me an email with maximum 500 words sharing parts of you – your story – that need to be seen and heard (witnessed by me)
  4. In the same email if you want you can ask me a question to identify something in your email e.g. ask me to quote your 4th sentence. Make it easy and unambiguous and NOT a puzzle to solve. This is NOT mandatory – only do it if you feel the need for additional reassurance that I have read it.
  5. I will respond within a few days max confirming I have received it and read it giving it my complete attention, compassion and acceptance. And if applicable, I will answer your question for reassurance. 
  6. After I have sent my reply I will delete your email and our thread from my inbox and the trash/bin folder – this act deleting is symbolic of releasing your load and unburdening yourself. 


I will never ever disclose anything you ever share with me – in the email or in our live sessions. 

You can unburden yourself and share anything except these three types of contents:

  1. Admissions of illegal and harmful acts towards other people.
  2. Suicide letter. 
  3. Anything to do with me. 

Such confessions are not welcome in our Witnessing Work.

This boundary is not drawn from a place of fear or judgement but responsibility and integrity – I am in no way qualified to deal with them and to respond adequately.

Thank you for honouring it.

TESTIMONIALS (for Witnessing email)

Just knowing someone cares about me releasing stuff is all I needed. The main source of being seen and heard came from myself. I was allowed to be messy and share and release and that’s always so helpful.

Writing it out gave me much clarity on what was really going on. I could calmly review having gotten it all out of my head.

It was a release to get it off my chest. And it gave me a great sense of closure

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