One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. Our task is to become conscious of the contents that press upwards from the unconscious. (Carl Jung)

Astrology – but also Human Design and Gene Keys – is a language of archetypes.

Archetype expresses itself first and foremost in metaphors (Carl Jung)

The language of archetypes allows us to look into the hidden side of our nature and to step into the underworld of the collective unconscious without becoming personally identified with what we see there. (Richard Rudd, Gene Keys)

This is why the primary focus of my readings is the language you use (in your emails) to describe your pains and hurts, your fears and doubts, your difficulties and challenges.

I listen carefully to hear the archetypes.

And I pay close attention to the structure of your sentences and the whole email as it also tells me how you engage with those archetypes.

In other words, the more you tell me about your challenges, the more precisely I can identify the shadows demanding your attention i.e. requiring shadow work.

Which is one of the main reasons I only work with your written material. You email me about your challenges and in writing them down you reveal the archetypes at play in your life far more substantially than you would if we were talking live.

I then offer you practical guidance – all coming from my 30+ years of studying Astrology, 20+ years of doing my own shadow work, 2+ years of self-studying Human Design & Gene Keys and living my own HD experiment and 50+ years of a life well lived and thoroughly examined. (I am a Pluto in Virgo, after all). 

Read here about the genesis of Darker Materials and my credentials but also to view my three charts – astrology, human design and my hologenetic profile (gene keys) – so you can see my filters, my biases and my strengths.

My readings combine astrology, human design and gene keys.

The added value Human Design and Gene Keys bring to my astrology readings is threefold:

  1. Gene Keys add richness of the 64 new archetypes – new in the sense that unlike in astrology they are not based on Western and Greek Mythology but on I-Ching, an ancient Chinese divination practice.
  2. all 64 Gene Keys have a clearly identified Shadow expression described by the author in great depth. And a clear path is outlined to show the way out of the Shadow and into the Gift expression.
  3. Human Design is a user manual for the mechanics of making the right decisions. HD is an energetic map of our body. It literally describes how we are wired – where and how our energies are best used to align us with our best life.

Please note: my readings are not necessarily 50-50 (astrology-HD/GK) – I only bring into the reading what is relevant for your issue. This can sometimes be mostly astrology, other times mostly HD/GK and anything in between. It all depends on what I hear in your email.

Below are the prices for standalone one-off readings, but if you’d like to work with me on an ongoing basis I offer discounted rates for bulk-buying (e.g. 3 readings to be used within 3 months of making a payment). Email me if this is your preference.

I also offer bespoke shadow work mentorship which can include all of my services – you can read more about it here or just email me to enquire.

All my readings are 30 minutes audio recordings.

And it currently takes about 2 weeks to receive your reading.

My intention for my readings is to help you with your own shadow work. I do that by illuminating those darker corners of your charts – your very own inner cosmos – so you can deepen your self-awareness and further your self-acceptance. And all in the name of fast-tracking your self-empowerment.


Part of my work is to reclaim the concept of “being triggered” as I deeply believe – based on my life experience – the purpose of the triggering experience is to empower us.

My readings can be triggering as they may bring up to the surface your deeply buried subconscious material. But the triggers are also your medicine.

They act as openings – invitations, sign posts – showing you the way to your shadows.

In fact, at the start of my audio recordings to all my first-time clients, I always say:

Pay as much attention to your reactions (to what I’m saying), as you do to the content of my words. What I say can only take you so far – my readings are just one interpretation of your personal universe – but your responses will take you all the way. They will show you your shadow in all its intricate, scary and complex beauty.

Also, to help you decide if I am the right astrologer/reader for you can listen to me read a client’s astrology chart in this video.


£100 (British Pounds) 

Like all my readings natal chart reading is a focused look at the most challenging, painful and frustrating aspect/s of your self and your life at the time of coming to me.

I don’t do readings of the type “tell me what you see” as I don’t find them to be a good value for your money or my time.

One of my greatest desires – that when met gives me the greatest satisfaction – is to help you solve your problems.

Problems are opportunities for development. Growth is the result of problems solved, of confrontations accepted, of crises and metamorphoses. By facing these problems and the situations they generate, the person will reach his maximum of individual fulfilment. (Dane Rudhyar)

Make sure you read the GUIDANCE ON WRITING THE 500 WORDS EMAIL section at the bottom of this page as the act of writing the email is integral to your shadow work and to the value of your reading.


£150 (British Pounds)

This a perfect reading for anyone who has a challenging relationship in their life.

This could be with anyone – lover, friend, family member, colleague, business partner – as long as you know their correct birth information: DOB (5 July 1986), time (4.35am) and location (LA, California). As well as yours, of course.  

My reading looks at your compatibility (synastry, the overlap of your individual charts) and your Soul Contract (composite chart).

But the most potent pull – or push – between two people is their Soul Contract which is written in the composite chart. This is the work you two have signed up to do together should your paths cross in this lifetime. This is typically hard work designed to trigger – often painful – personal growth. Understanding the details, the particular tasks of this work can transform your painful experience of the relationship – even if it’s only you and your attitude that changes – into an experience of a potent crucible for your own Soulmaking. 

The compatibility piece (synastry chart) shows where and how you two might be distracting yourselves from The Work but also the tools you have at your disposal to support and facilitate The Work.


£120 (British Pounds)

Solar Return is your Birthday New Year. It is a moment in time when Sun returns to the exact degree of your natal Sun. Your Solar Return can be a day before or after your actual birth date and it’s a potent time to set intentions about WHO YOU WANT TO BE (Sun = identity) in your very own New Year. 

The best time to order this reading is at least four months (and up to six) before your birthday.

My reading looks at your three Solar Returns – the upcoming, the one that came before and the one that comes after – to give you a wider context of the story of your unfolding and evolving identity. Who you are becoming. And how to support your becoming. 

I also look at your natal chart – and sometimes also transits if they feel relevant (and can fit 30 mins) – to see how you can use your native skills to support this process. 


PayPal me the relevant fee using the email herdarkermaterials at gmail dot com 

Send me your email within a maximum of couple of days from making the payment.

Then email me your birth info – and the other person’s for Relationship reading – in this format: 5 July 1986, time of birth 4.35 am, and location e.g. LA, California. For Solar Return readings send me your current location if different from your birth location.

In the same email tell me – in 500 words max – about the challenges you’re facing that you’d like my advice and guidance with, focusing on WHY you are struggling with these issues.

In the same email give me your Dropbox email – it is how I’ll share my audio recording of your reading with you. And don’t forget to download the audio onto your device (as I delete them regularly)

Once I receive all this you can expect to receive your reading via Dropbox with 2 weeks from ordering. 


The purpose of the word limit is to invite you to being fully present, discerning and intentional in communicating your challenge.

When I work with my own astrologer who also allows me only 500 words, I spend at least a week (and often two weeks!) writing AND rewriting what I want to send them. 

The purpose process of multiple rewrites – as frustrating as they may be – is to greater clarity about what the real problem is AND what guidance is actually needed.

So, here’s my guidance for writing your 500 words email to me:

Don’t waste your word limit describing in detail your external world and circumstances (brief sketches that describe the critical information are enough for context)

Don’t waste your words on human design and astrology e.g. I think this is my open emotional centre and my Moon in Pisces inconjunct my Pluto in Libra. Let me worry about that – it is why you hired me in the first place.

95% of your email should be about your personal experience and your feelings about it, not about other people.

My role is to help you see what you can not see on your own

Keep writing until you arrive at parts of your story that you don’t understand and then elaborate on how it feels to not understand and why you think you feel that way – why you think you don’t understand it.

As you write, keep asking yourself these Qs: Why am I including this info? What do I want to get by telling this piece of the story? Do I already know the answer to this? 

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