You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do. (Carl Jung)

Have you ever just wanted to unburden yourself, say everything you’re feeling without censoring yourself, without worrying you’re going to upset someone? To just let all your feelings and thoughts out without needing to hear any feedback, any advice, any suggestions for how you can improve, get better, do better, be better.

If so, then you’ll LOVE my Let Go Free Email Service!

Artwork by Matthew Brindle

The way it works is really simple.

You write down everything you need to say – everything you want to release from your mind and heart – in an email (with no word limit!) and send it to

I do not read it (which is why it’s free, but the release is still potent – see testimonials below) and you get an auto-reply.

This reply I crafted carefully and compassionately with intention to give you a sense of closure, support and encouragement for your act of letting go.

Then every week I go into the email account to delete the emails. As a way of confirming and further supporting your letting go.

This practice is perfect for releasing feelings, beliefs and thoughts that don’t serve you anymore during the balsamic phase of the Moon – a couple of day before a New Moon.


There is only one rule.

The following contents are not welcome: confessions of criminal activity, particularly harming other people and suicide notes.

I of course will never know if you’re adhering to this rule, but I choose to trust that you will honour it.

And lastly, as I don’t know anyone who’s doing this kind of service I have no model of its viability which means I have no idea if I will be able to keep this going for as long as there is a need for it. Which is why I reserve all rights to make changes to the service as well as end it when and if I see fit. I will always try to give you ample warning – and explain my reasons. Thank you for your understanding.


These were answers from clients who used the paid version of the same service (launching soon) to my question – which part of the process was most powerful for you?

The act of writing and sending the email.

It was a release to get it off my chest.

It was liberating to trust myself to send the email.

Writing it out gave me much clarity on what was really going on. I could calmly review having gotten it all out of my head.

Hope you’ll use this service and hope you’ll find it healing every time you do it.

Please spread the word – share this page, the video, the email – with everyone you think may need it.

Thank you!

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