Artwork by Antonio Mora
Artwork by Antonio Mora

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. (Carl Jung)

The idea behind Discomforting is to expose you to challenging feedback.

The feedback that will stir up uncomfortable feelings in you.

And it is this discomfort that will lead you to YOURSELF and your truth.

Discomforting process achieves four important things:

1. you get to experience your feelings of discomfort in the presence of another

2. you get to work on those feelings in real time discerning what part of the feedback belongs to you and what doesn’t

3. you practice mindful responding as opposed to mindless reacting to the person giving you challenging feedback

4. you practice receiving challenging feedback in a structured and safe space so when you face the outside world and challenging feedback you are not easily triggered anymore and are able to respond from a place of integrity (because you have integrated your shadow)


Below are the prices for standalone sessions, but if you’d like to work with me on an ongoing basis I offer discounted rates for bulk-buying (e.g. 3 sessions to be used within 3 months of making a payment). Email me if this is your preference.

I also offer bespoke shadow work mentorship which can include all of my services – you can read more about it here or just email me to enquire.

I offer Discomforting service in two formats: by email – this is considerably less challenging but still very effective (see testimonials below) and as live 1:1 sessions (virtually, via zoom).


60 mins = £150 (British Pounds)


Face to face Discomforting is a considerably more challenging experience than an email – and that much more potent.


The basic premise of this process is that you bring a shadow you are almost ready to show to the external world (stage 10 of shadow work) – the world that is potentially not so accepting and kind. And you need to test how well you integrated it.

My role is to help you find that out by offering you the most (appropriately) challenging feedback.

Your reactions to my feedback reveal the flaws in your integration.

If there are flaws you’d want to strengthen

  1. your discernment (is the flaw that you are attempting to integrate your shadow or someone else’s? how do you tell the difference?)
  2. your discomforting muscle (are you overreacting to the feedback or are you able to mindfully respond to it?)
  3. your integration muscle (the shadow is yours but the flaw is that you’re not owning it fully and need to deepen/strengthen self-acceptance).

In other words, Discomforting is both, an uncomfortable and empowering conversation (between you and me).

If you love! the idea of Discomforting but would like to test run it first, it’s best to start with purchasing Discomforting email service.

That way you’ll get a clear sense of HOW I work and how you respond to my energy and my discomforting. It’s a great way to build your trust in me and the power of Discomforting process and to strengthen your relationship with me.

Also, when you book a standalone or a bundle of Discomforting sessions we will have a 30 mins Preliminary session where we’ll talk about the specifics of Discomforting work, your needs and our expectations of each other. This is an even more effective way to test if Discomforting is right for you.


If after the Preliminary session you decide that this work isn’t for you, you can cancel the booked sessions.

You will be refunded all your money except for £50 – I will keep £50 as my fee for the Preliminary session.

Also, you will only be refunded if you cancel 72 hours before the first booked session.


500 words = £77 (British Pounds)



You pay the fee via PayPal using my email herdarkermaterials@gmail.com

Then you send me a separate email with max 500 words describing your problem – a shadow you want to integrate. The more detailed your description the better – really feel it as you write. Tell me: what is it, why it is a problem, what specific things are particularly painful and why.

(Also, in the subject of that email please include the word Discomforting and clearly identified yourself as the PayPal payee)

I read your email carefully listening to what’s been said as well as left out. I listen to your rhythm, your style of expression and what that tells me about you in relation to your problem. This part of my feedback is typically quite revealing sometimes even surprising but always fertilising the ground you stand on so you can grow stronger & healthier. And I offer questions for you to reflect on, to journal on so that you can arrive at your own answers and solutions to the problem you shared with me.

My response is delivered to you in an audio recording format via Dropbox – make sure you download the audio onto your device.

And please remember, I do not look at your astrology.

TESTIMONIALS (for email Discomforting)

“Your response was an excellent balance of direct and kind, which makes it so easy to work with. Full of great details, accurate throughout, and exciting to listen to. Your pace and vocal quality is easy to follow as well as nice to listen to. I enjoyed the experience as it felt like an in-person session. This was hugely valuable and I’m so happy to have received it!”

“Very helpful! You are very analytical, which I like and appreciate. I liked that you provided solutions and reading suggestions that will help me with my challenge.”

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